Marshall County Free Dump and Tire Disposal

Free Dump: 4/16/24 - 4/19/24 (9am-5pm) & 4/20/24 (9am-12pm) @ SORD 12978 Hwy 70F, Kingston. Tire Disposal: 4/16/24 - 4/19/24(7:30am-3pm) @ District 2 Barn, 303 N. 10th St, Madill.

Marshall County OMMA Compliance

NOTE: All OMMA Compliance is now being provided by the Marshall County Assessor's Office. If you are applying for a new or renewing OMMA license and need county compliance information, contact 580-795-2398.

To receive Marshall County OMMA Compliance Letter, submit your application to Compliance@marshallcountyok.com. Compliance letters will be processed in 3-5 business days.